A menudo le formulamos a nuestros hijos una pregunta esperando una sola respuesta. Por ejemplo:
“¿Está sabrosa la comida?” Cuando obviamente no quieren comer lo que está en sus platos.
En tales casos, si no quieres que tu hijo mienta,3D Gras, Schmetterling 498 Fototapeten Wandbild Fototapete BildTapete Familie es mejor re-formular las preguntas.
Por ejemplo: “¿Qué quieres comer ahora, cariño?”.

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Interesting trends, changes and outliers emerging from the latest Eurostat data, coming with constantly updated visualizations and an alert system3D Grass Straße Cartoon 56 Fototapeten Wandbild Fototapete BildTapete Familie DE


Which words are leading the trends in European affairs? Word clouds and other interactive visualisations powered by sentiment analysis3D Graffiti Street Puddle Shade Wall Murals Wallpaper Art Decals Prints Decor


Looking for information or inspiration in the European Data Portals? A powerful multilingual meta search engine to improve journalists’ experience3D Grassland birds deer WallPaper Murals Wall Print Decal Wall Deco AJ WALLPAPER


On-demand support to journalists about data sources and methodological issues in digging, treating or visualizing data3D Graffiti Strokes 71 WallPaper Murals Wall Print Decal Wall Deco AJ WALLPAPER


for collaborative stories3D Grassland Hill Sky 225 Open Windows WallPaper Murals Wall Print AJ Carly

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